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Run A Muck Ranch Newsletter 4/13/14

Thank you Run A Muck Ranch and love and hugs to Maude who is in heaven.

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

“Right” No Longer Recognized as a Direction at Run A Muck Ranch

Due to the “All for One and One for All” belief at Run A Muck Ranch,  in solidarity for Hector after the loss of his right eye, the directional definition of the word “Right” will no longer exist.


When referring to the direction opposite left, it shall herein, forever be called ” 180 degree left”, “the other left”, or “that direction that shall not be mentioned”.

Run A Muck Ranch would appreciate it if all world dictionaries would make the appropriate corrections.

Run A Muck Ranch Dogs Prove  Polar Shift is Near!

In the Summer of 2013, a ground breaking study was published in the world-renowned, peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Zoology.  In the study, it was discovered that dogs align to the North/South axis when relieving themselves.  If you click Here, you too can read the 12…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day. Fiona and Lapsi send you all big hugs!


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Kim and Mel

Every now and again I have a request from someone to come visit our Sisu Beads Studio. I love meeting our new family members face to face. Although we do not have a retail studio, I find it is always nice to know where you are entrusting a portion of your loved ones cremains. I love the view here, it is beautiful and relaxing.


I was lucky enough to have met a woman named Kim. She wanted to get a feel for what she wanted to have as a memorial to Mel. Mel is a beauty, oh my goodness, here take a look.


He had a wonderful long and happy life. Complete with a lot of friends.


So Kim and I looked through some sample beads I have made throughout the years.


Kim came up with her very own design.


Now it is my turn to get to work!



Kim is an artist, and a seamstress. I have just started teasing her about ruling the world. She has just started her own business. Please visit her Facebook page here is a link.

Here is her favorite model showing off his fancy collar.


I love these collars and cannot wait to get some for Fiona, Lapsi and Kimi.


It is no secret that I love what Julie and I are doing. I love having my Sisu Beads and I love creating a way for people to have a tangible way to honor their loved ones who have passed on. Hold Honor Love.

I love that we have a meaningful connection with each and every person that has one of our beads.

I also love that I get to meet people like Kim, who are so talented and inspiring. I wish her all the best with her new business venture. I love our growing Sisu Beads family and again just want to thank you all.

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John and Barkley

I already love today. First a bike ride, a little snack and then the mailman came!
1888760_10203273376740066_1417299077_n[1] (2)

I received a thank you card and gift for Kimi from one of our Sisu Bead family members.


Kimi can’t take his eyes off of it!

photo (11)

Barkley and John are continuing their adventures together, I love knowing that.


And….also in the mail, James and I are one step closer to completing our custom order for Anck.


Julie and I love our Sisu Beads family, and want to say thank you to all of you!

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I have the privilege of making a custom memorial piece for this beautiful green-eyed boy named Anck.  I love this photo of him, it makes me want to grab his little belly.


It is so hard to loose our fuzzy loved ones, I cannot bring myself to… say pets, because honestly they are so much more. Anck’s name is a variation of the word Ankh. So it is fitting that a custom Ankh would be the chosen piece.


I am really enjoying the process, sometimes with certain pieces I get…a little…..overcome with a feeling….I know this sounds odd but I am just very happy and excited when I am working with Anck. I think it has everything to do with him and how he must have lived his life. So I just wanted to share Anck’s photo and share the steps in this custom memorial. I hope you enjoy the photos. James if you would like to share more about Anck, please do!


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Hey look! We got mentioned!!

This is a great blog, AND we got mentioned, please read.

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Race Ready! almost.

It was Lapsi’s turn this weekend. I took her to a Lure Coursing competition. it was a lot of fun. I figured she would be great at it, she runs like a banshee at the beach,



Could this Lure Coursing be much different?
In a word yes, first off Lapsi likes to go naked to the beach, not acceptable here.



That’s fine, she looks good in blue.
We show up without the race clothes, or the proper collar and with a million questions. Everyone there was so helpful and went above and beyond making things easy for us. Check them out here,

So many exciting things happened, Lapsi passed her first test, and got this.


Now….with borrowed supplies, she was “race ready”

There is a countdown of sorts, much like the beeps in track racing. Judge ready? Handlers ready? Talley-Ho. Or something pretty close to that. Then they are off!


Take note of the handsome male on the right.


Then there is some of this, and….


and some more of this…

Before we knew it Lapsi had ran her little heart out, made a bunch of new friends..


She won her category! Which was Open Rhodesian Ridgebacks, then she raced for Best of Breed and won that too! She was beat by a greyhound for best in field. But for a little girl who just loves to run at Fiesta Island Dog park, this was a very, very big day!

photo (17)IMG_1891

I really couldn’t imagine the weekend getting any better but it did. Remember that handsome male on the right? Go ahead scroll back up..

OK it’s this guy, he looked a little familiar to me and I just fell in love with him. The thoughtful eyes, the polka dot chest, the odd way Lapsi kept growling at him….


Then these two put a new twist on Lure Coursing.


Yup! Brother and sister. Dumah is Lapsi’s littermate! Both Oakhurst babies! SO exciting. No wonder I fell in love with that boy!

Congratulations to all of the amazingly fast dogs and incredibly nice people (an extra hug and kiss to Dumah) Take a look at Lure Coursing, it is such a treat to get to watch these dogs instincts take over. Lapsi, on her first run actually needed me to go run after the lure to give her a little jump start, that is all it took. After that first little push, every time she heard the motor and saw the lures she went ballistic, she even knocked me off of my feet. More than once. Actually flat on my face at one point. And it was all awesome!


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Beauty Contests

It was that time of year again. Fiona’s time to compete in her yearly dog show in Indio CA. I am new to all of this so apologies for any thing I say that might make someone mad! Like referring to the dog shows as beauty contests. It is because I do not know the proper wording, I do understand the importance of keeping the integrity of the breed. I do know that Fiona is a Pro, Kimi, our newest addition is not. This called for some expert training. So I called Deb Adams, expert handler, breeder extraordinaire, for a lesson for Kimi. We got lucky and Leah and Mai Lee joined the session.

See, Fiona is a Pro.


Kimi is not


We even had Leah and Rambo show us what to do






Enough said.

So we go to Indio for a rather large show of gorgeous Ridgebacks. Deb took Fiona and her lucky show lead from Dazi in the ring and nailed it!


Arifi’s Belle of the Ball took second place! (that’s Fiona to you and me)


photo (15)

Now it was Kimi’s turn!! I was so excited to be able to watch him in the ring. Fate had a different plan for us….. I just remember a few, like two or three minutes before Kimi was ready to go, Deb comes up to me and shoves bait in my front pocket and says “he won’t listen to me, you are going to have to take him in the ring” well…… I have never been in the ring before, I didn’t practice anything other than standing with Kimi and to be honest, that boy was in rare form that morning.


I was actually feeling sorry for Deb for having to take my little beast in the ring….now I was feeling sorry for myself! It took a few seconds to realize what a cool thing was about to happen for me and my little man. I was going to show my baby. Ready or not here we come. A few quick instructions from Deb, and a few more from Jean (our great friend, vet, giver of the lucky show lead and experienced dog handler) One last instruction was, you can always ask the judge for permission to be excused from the ring!

So there we were! He was amazing! He stacked himself, stood tall, showed of his teeth without biting the judge and moved like a champ!

photo (12)


photo (13)

photo (11)

So handsome!

It wore him out! Behaving is a tough job for a puppy.

photo (16)

It was a great day, Lapsi did not compete, she although show worthy, has been fixed. She was adored by everyone at Oakhurst Kennels where she came from. She will be competing next week in lure coursing, I will fill you in on that after it happens!


Happy New Year everyone!

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Hug Club and Sisu Beads raffle winner!!!

Today was the day we selected our random winner, I wanted it to be special so I asked Fiona if she would help me.


Fiona is our poster girl and naturally she was chosen to make our selection.

I could see this was not going to go as smoothly as I thought. I decided to have Kimi do it. He is just a baby and I figured he could get into that jar.

It was not any easier for him.

Then it hit me, I need to go see my Sisu Beads partner, Juile and see if Sierra could lend a helping paw.
Oh so close! She gave it her best shot but we still have not selected a winner!
All the while Molly here, was watching us in disbelief. Who better than her to get our lucky raffle ticket? She is built for this!
almost got it….

just a little more…
ohhhh so close

and THAT my friends, is how its done!

Congratulations to our Sisu Beads winner!!!
Vikki Pender you are our winner!!!!!!!!!


We would like to thank everyone who atteneded The Hug Club at San Diego Pet Memorial and entered our raffle. You are all winners in our hearts!

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The Hug Club and Sisu Beads


Last Saturday was my first time at The Hug Club. San Diego Pet Memorial Park offers these events every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. I was not sure what to expect and honestly felt a little intimidated, I went in as a guest speaker and came away with so much more. San Diego Pet Memorial Park offers our line of memorial jewelry,  This is why I received an invitation.


Catherine has the biggest heart, she has created this “support group” that she likes to refer to as “The Hug Club” You could feel all of the love that filled that room.


This is a safe place to bring your tears and your happy stories of your pups. Many of the people come week after week. As a new comer I did not see any individual transformation, but I did see people at different stages of their grief. They all wanted to be there for each other and help one another try to understand and work through their heart aches.


Sisu Beads came to be from our own loss of a loved one. Julie and I love our Sisu Beads and wear them everyday. They bring us peace to our hearts. This is why we are in partnership with SDPC. We held a raffle at this past Saturday’s Hug Club. One lucky name will be drawn and that person will receive a Sisu Bead Classic necklace.

There were so many people there ready to open their hearts. I was so lucky to meet everyone and I even got to see photos of some of their pets that have passed on. I feel that is such a special part of you to share. I thank each and everyone one of you there.


I love how happy these babies look, you can tell they were all loved like crazy. Each one has a wonderful story of how much love they brought to their families.

IMG_1001 IMG_1004 IMG_1008IMG_1020

There were even some visitors at the Hug Club.

IMG_0977 IMG_0991

There was a special guest speaker there, her name is Elizabeth Allen. She is the author of Love Crosses Over.  More than one person said she saved their lives. She is a beautiful soul and has so much to share and so much to offer. Elizabeth and Catherine offered readings for anyone who might be interested. Pretty much everyone was interested. There were a lot of people who really felt like a strong connection was made. If you are preparing for a hospice type situation please click on the link above.

This is Catherine,



and this is Elizabeth, it was so nice to see you both.


There was so many ways to honor your loved one, There were these beautiful river rocks that, when the rain stopped and we got a little bit of sunshine, we all went outside and placed around the cemetery. There were two in particular that needed to stay side by side.


We had a candle lighting ceremony and a moment of silence to honor the loved ones that have passed.

IMG_0988 IMG_0989

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to be there, and for sharing your stories and photos. I wish all of you the very best.

IMG_0982 IMG_1024IMG_0976

I think we all had a good time, like I mentioned before, there was a lot of love in that room. Our Hug Club wrapped up with a beautiful rainbow.


If you have never been to SDPC I suggest you take a visit. The grounds are beautiful and there is a beautiful feeling of peace there.


Thank you again to everyone who came in to share, and to Catherine and Elizabeth.


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