Posted by: sisubeads | January 22, 2012

Michelle takes me to Maui

We could hear the whales!

Well I finally made it to Hawaii.  Maui to be precise.   As I flew over Kona, I held onto my Michelle Sisu Bead and thought, “Look, you’re back to Hawaii.  We’re not in Kona, but Maui will be nice. ”   Then I got her reply.   ~She”s already in Kona.  She’s there with all of her Kona friends.   But she’s also able to go with me to Maui.”

We went snorkeling our first day and saw a big turtle, very cool.  We went hiking today.  And I thought about what she said about already being in Kona.  I guess after you get rid of your Earth body, you get to be everywhere.  So, she’s always with me and all of her friends, Sisu Bead or not.

But, what happens when I wear my Sisu Bead is I am inviting her to join me.   It’s a conscious thought that we are going to enjoy the experience together.  It’s not that I’m taking her somewhere she can’t go herself.  It’s me that’s getting the benefit of consciously having her with me.

What do you think?



  1. I forgot to mention I’m also wearing my Sisu Bead memorial bracelet. I have a bead for my best dog ever ~ Miranda. She loved to swim! She would go into the lake and just swim after the ducks. Not to chase them, she just enjoyed swimming with them. She would swim with them until she was so tired she couldn’t swim any more. I used to get worried I’d have to go into the lake and rescue her. She was very smart and listened well…. except when she got around water. Then, she couldn’t hear a thing I said… It was time to swim. : )

  2. I love that you had a great time with Michelle, that’s what it is all about!

  3. I took Michelle up to the Laguna Mountains today to share our hike, it was so beautiful up there.

  4. This coming May, I will be traveling to Hawaii with my David Sisu Bead necklace to watch my recently discovered Granddaughter Liz get married. We will both be wearing our necklaces. My son David will travel with both of us, and he will walk down the isle with his first born. It is, and will be, a very special time.

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