Posted by: sisubeads | April 19, 2013

Sisu Beads collection

So…I will start by letting it all out that I am not a writer, I’m not good at it and I am not particularly fond of having my thoughts in anything other than in my head. So my apologies for my grammatical errors and such. Let’s hope I can at least be entertaining. I am writing about Sisu Beads memorial jewelry. Julie and I started Sisu Beads just over two years ago. We have a beautiful beginning, we came to be out of a tribute to our good friend Michelle Bono who passed away. Her story is on our “about us” page on found here For me, Sisu Beads has taken on a life of its own. I guess I have had one too many orders with mind blowing stories behind them. I feel like everyone of our beads has a family behind them that has somehow come to be a part of my new family with Julie, Michelle and Sisu Beads.

I have always been a collector, as a kid, of all things stupid to collect. Like empty soda cans. I kept them on my window sill until the ants took over. I collected rocks, shells, stickers (puffy and scratch n sniff) records, glass animals,  blah blah…now for some reason I feel like I am collecting stories.  I list them in my mind. I have..a mother of the bride, two father of the brides, an overdose, a murder victim, an honest wonderful father, a suicide, man’s best friend, animals that have filled lives and hearts with so much meaning and joy. I think I first think of collecting so that it is not so hard. My first mother of the bride shook me to the point of sobbing uncontrollably while reading a beautiful letter about who this bead was being made in the honor of. I felt that the mom was very present and very proud of her daughter.

I don’t want to sound cold by saying I am a collector. I am actually super private and respect each and every one of my new family members. I am just coping with being blown away. I love the strength in people, I love that I am a small part of a tremendous healing process, I love my beads and I love everyone who has been memorialized in my bead. I fell in love with a Viszla I never met. I have sobbed over letters and have been proud to have been a part of multiple weddings.

I think my future posts will be a bit brighter, if Julie lets me post again. I just want needed to let that out.



  1. awesome

    • Thanks Pam, you have been so much help through all of this. If I only had a little something….something small..with our name on it…that I could hand out…..any ideas? 🙂

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