Posted by: sisubeads | April 27, 2013

A whole new meaning to wedding season

935587_563404520359985_651085835_n[1]539956_10102319946360711_1770856767_n[1]538989_536997839685329_819172600_n[1]318086_426650250702080_816538073_n[1]47737_492507490801031_609668433_n[1]One of our first “clients” “orders” not sure if these words are telling the whole feel…it is more than that..more like family. Anyway to the point, weddings, we (Sisu Beads) have been honored to make very special Sisu Beads for a number of brides. We have provided a way for daughters to walk down the aisle with their moms or dads escorting them the entire way. One of our first brides was a beautiful woman named Liz. I was able to meet her in person. Which in itself was an act of forces beyond my understanding. I received a phone call from a woman who wanted to meet me at our studio. Her granddaughter was visiting from Seattle and would be here over Thanksgiving week. This was actually their first time meeting. The two had never met because the parents of the bride had placed her into adoption when she was a baby. Turns out that upon giving this wonderful woman directions to the studio, that she knows the house, the dogs and was a dear sweet friend to the woman who had lived here. My boyfriends mom had passed the preivous year and had wanted us to move in to take care of her Rhodesian Ridgeback Fiona. So Deb, (the grandmother) knew my boyfriend, my now dog and the house well. They both rasied champion show dogs. (about a year later Deb showed Fiona for us, it was a beautifu tribute to Randy’s mom and Fiona won!) So now the meeting is set and I get to meet Liz. Deb brought photos of her son David to share and Oh My Gosh!! the resemblance was uncanny. The three of them look so much alike and was really the missing puzzle peice for Liz (the bride) There is a blood line there that didn’t quit. Liz was so much like her father and grandmother. Very happy, brilliant, larger than life, vivacious amazing draw you in and fall in love with you kind of personality! Julie and I were drawn in to this amazing story of how those two finally met, lot of searching and near misses, heart breaking stories of finally finding your birth family to learn that your beautiful biological father has passed. Having a connection with your biological grandmother that is so strong and bound by pure love. And we, Sisu Beads, were being asked to make a memorial peice for this incredible family to take part in a wedding. It was such an honor to be a small part of this whirlwind of fate and love, honoring and remembrance. This brought a whole new meaning to wedding season for us, that is for sure. I thank each and everyone who has sought us out. I love each and everyone as well.


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