Posted by: sisubeads | May 1, 2013

Loss of a baby

I am not sure where to start.  I am afraid I will sound self centered. We make memorial jewelry, no, we provide a tangible way for people to honor and stay close to their loved ones who have passed on. I have had a lot of people come to Sisu Beads to help them heal themselves and honor their loved ones. I have had my eyes opened to a world of other people’s grief. Mostly the stories are beautiful, some very sad….today I am overwhelmed. I will be receiving an order next week for a Sisu Bead of a five month old…is that how you say? A five month old developing baby. I have never had a child, I think it would be almost too hard to love someone so much and want to protect them and hold and never let go. The bond is never ending undying. I won’t go into my own issues with that, maybe another time. So I was crying on and off throughout the day and night. I turned to some of the blogs here to read and try to learn and understand what is felt by the moms, dads, grandmas, the entire family.  I didn’t want to just know what I felt, I needed to learn…..just learn and listen/read. I know Sisu Beads is not about what I feel, you know what, yes it is. I feel everyone, I love everyone, I admire everyone I am truly honored to create a Sisu Bead for anyone who wants one, needs one. I am so sad over this baby but I must remember that this will help the mom who has chosen to have this memorial made of her baby daughter.  I want to thank the moms whose blogs I read. Thank you for sharing, for educating, advising on what to say and what not to say. I am truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful sons and daughters.


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