Posted by: sisubeads | May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Betty

IMG_5472My very good friend Pam and I used to ride twice a week every week. After these rides we would take her mom Betty to go get an icecream. We would go to her moms house, Pam would get her all set in her wheelchair with her little Betty Boop bag on it and we would head off to the Clairemont Square for Coffee, icecream. Sometimes my mom would meet us there too. Pam always thanked me like it was a big deal. Honestly I fell in love with Betty the very first day I met her. So I wasn’t doing any favor for anyone, I just really loved Betty. I met her at the velodrome and she just melted my heart. Anyway in about 20 minutes I need to get ready to go meet Pam, my mom, and Pony (Betty’s caregiver, really so much more, more like family for sure) at the very same coffee/icecream spot. It is nearing Mothers Day and Betty’s birthday so we are meeting there to honor her mom and have a good chat and just remember… So I as always I was running around this morning like crazy and I put my ipad on the shelf of my nightstand, I didn’t want my girl Lapsi to eat it. So I kinda just shoved it there checked my watch to make sure my timing was on track and  out popped the bracelet Betty gave me for my birthday. I always kept it around my stickshift in my car, and would put it on when I was about to see her. I’m not even sure if she ever noticed but I think she had it jump out at me today and now I will proudly wear my Betty bracelet.


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