Posted by: sisubeads | May 10, 2013

Cycle Therapy with Dr. Pam



So…What I needed today, I got to take my girls to the beach with my dear friend Richard. These outings are always a treat. After watching Fiona, Lapsi, and Bodhi tear around the beach I actually got to tear around a local canyon on my bike. It has been called cycle therapy, my therapist, Pam Houle. We rode a good pace through PQ canyon, hopped across the road towards Poway, back into the canyons to the deadliest swing I have ever seen. We hope to witness someone actually swinging one day. We headed back, took a tour of the PQ Ranch house where we visited our goat friends (one sneezed in my mouth last week) just a light spray. So we hang with the goats, they are so cute and so funny. The same guy (we think, either he is a boy or he has a nubby furry outie bellybutton) anyway, he/she must have a cold. He sneezed (I will keep using he since he mounted the other one, although no movement from the bellybutton) So back to the sneeze directed at Pam this time, with the help of a slight breeze ended up on my arm, with no spray on Pam. Goat sneezes are actually kind of cute, I did not mind at all. I think it means he likes me. So back on the bikes, rollin around we head in some direction that makes us climb up and around. Telephone Poles if I remember correctly. On over to the pools. Vernal pools I think, I made the mistake of calling them venereal pools once. So we are on a hunt for the water snakes Pam heard about from our friend Lisa. We get off of our bikes and wait for a sighting….one after the other popped their little heads out! They are so cute, then from across the water I can see one speeding right towards me and it pops out of the water and starts slithering around. We watched for a while then headed back. It ended up being only about 22 miles or so but it was so amazing, I felt like a kid again and Pam is the best person in the world to have an adventure with. We both had our Sisu Beads of her mom Betty on, and I as always have Michelle with me. So today was a very good day and I had tons of sadness lifted off my shoulders. My little baby bead is almost on it’s way back home, my girls are snoring, I got to see my mom for a little while today and we had a good laugh together. Randy is home…ahhhhhhhhh all is right in the world. Thank you Dr. Pam


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