Posted by: sisubeads | May 20, 2013


IMG_5814I had an order that left me overwhelmed with emotion and honestly a bit of confusion. Confusion on what I was feeling and how to feel better, which in turn made me question if I could make anyone else feel better. The anyone else being the parents and grandparents of a little five month old developing baby. I wrote about this earlier, I HAD to write about this earlier. I did complete the order. I put my heart into the order, as I do with all of them, just this one was…….a first for me and just difficult. I hand made each bead, hand painted and fired them. I just wanted to get the beads done and out of my hands. I just couldn’t shake the sorrow. I wanted to finish them up, fire them get all the details ready and send them out. I was certain that the process would make me feel better. (Good clue it wasn’t being I was still searching on how to make mySELF feel better) All of these emotions were new and unwelcomed. It was starting to bug me that I was letting all of this happen in my head. All the preparation complete, I loaded my kiln and said goodnight. In the morning I woke up and rushed to my kiln to check on my babies. I pop the lid and there they were, they were so pretty and that was it.  I was no longer tormented. I saw these happy beautiful beads. I know I sound pretty silly about now, but I’m just saying what I was feeling. A thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders. Now, I just hoped some of this feeling would be passed on to the real parents of this order. Not sure if you noticed I refered to the beads as “my babies” I get very attached. I got a message the other day from the Grandmother who thanked me….”I want to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave my daughter. she and her husband were beyond thrilled…it brought her to tears… THANK YOU!!!” So this really was the icing on the cake. I am so happy to have made this for them, I realize I made this a lot about me, which was a big problem for me, I guess I was just worried that I wouldn’t be able to help. I am so glad we did. Thank you to Julie, who came up with this whole idea of Sisu Beads in the first place. Thank you to Michelle for being our inspiration. Thank you to each and everyone who has given us the honor of creating one of our pieces for you. Thank you Sisu Beads for changing my life!



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