Posted by: sisubeads | June 12, 2013

Stop It, I’m Going to Start Crying

IMG_5214[1]IMG_5607[1]IMG_5957[1]IMG_5839[1]IMG_6263[1]IMG_5865G[1]Although I am pretty sure it is “OK shut up, I’m gonna start crying” All said with a beautiful smile on her face. There is a beautiful, sensitive super funny woman named Alicia who I have known for years. Her father passed on about 20 years ago, I never met him, but I did know that Alicia has kept his ashes close to her. Very close, like in a small urn in her bedroom. Julie and I had just started Sisu Beads, and I thought we would be perfect for Alicia. I offered to make her a bead, I think she said..OK shut up, I’m going to start crying. She did want one but….just….wait… Time passed on a bit and we had her then boyfriend, Ed be the delivery man. It was all too difficult for her and it was about a year and a half after the offer that there was the right emotion to move forward on having a bead made. There was a special request made….”Have a drink with my dad and play some good old Rock and Roll.”  So I did and it was awesome. I gave her the necklace, also another special request being purple, and she loved it. So we can all thank Alicia that we now offer purple. So fast forward about a year, Alicia is about to get married to Ed. I asked her if she was going to have her dad walk her down the aisle. The necklace did not quite go with the neckline of the gown (I suspect it had to do with cleavage) sorry Alicia! The cleavage was a special treat for Ed. So rightly so, not the best place for her Sisu Bead. She asked if I would take the original bead and make a bracelet so she could have her dad with her. Yes! Alicia wrote me a beautiful letter that I have permission to share, ( I did not have permission to share the cleavage part ) I think it’s ok. So I would like to share a part of this letter..

The feeling and experience I felt on my wedding day is really hard to put into words. Every time I talk about it or try to explain it I get goose bumps and start crying in a good way. On my wedding day I felt my dad’s presence for the first time in a long time. My wedding day was perfect because my dad walked me down the aisle. Thank you Sisu Beads.

I love this! Thank you and congratulations to Alicia and Ed and to their beautiful son George



  1. Thank you for the smiles, the great memories and the tears that make me remember:-)

    • Your welcome. Happy to be a part of such an awesome day!

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