Posted by: sisubeads | June 13, 2013


DSCN0305 (2)DSCN0331DSCN0291 (2)DSCN0623IMG_2095It is a Vickyism. Straight from her victionary. Fiona has an appointment today for an ultrasound or maybe a sonogram. Vicky, (my sister) and I couldn’t remember which was which so she made up a new word. Either way the sonosound or ultragram happens in about 2 hours. Fiona ran around the beach yesterday and this morning she snuggled up with me. She had her face buried in my neck and her body has pressed tight up against me. She was awake snoring a little. Oh she is so awesome.
I shared some photos, that is Vicky she is my older, little sister, and her labs Haylee and Truffles. Every now and again we have our playdates. That particular day she thought it would be a great idea to have a doggie icecream party. That’s where all the dogs are circling her waiting for their treats. I think they all ended up throwing up and my girls ate the paper cups too. The cone shot is from another day.



  1. So today the Google guy who sells your ranking or placement called me today to try to get a sale. Only however much a month to put on page 1 on Google. He was charismatic and persistent. He tried every angle. He even pulled up this blog. Then he almost got somewhere, he asked if I was the girl who had the beautiful dogs. “Who me?, oh um yes they are mine” You could hear me beaming through the phone. He hit the jackpot. He should have stopped, he said that my dark dog was gorgeous, and what was I doing with such a large dog? I asked him which picture he was looking at. He said “the one with the four dogs running. The white lab, the beautiful dark lab, then like maybe a red nose pitbull mix and some other mix.” Excuse me? OK yes the Labs are beautiful, they are my nieces…but a pit mix and some other mix? Needless to say I did not purchase anything. It was pretty funny. Fiona is a pure bread Rhodesian Ridgeback and a show girl for pete sakes. hahahahha Lapsi is a purebread Livernose Ridgeback too. And yes maybe I am a tiny bit snobby about it, which makes it even more funny! Vicky is going to love this!

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