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An MCRD Father’s Day

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Father’s Day. What would my dad want written about him? Probably nothing to be honest with you. But here goes… I will keep it short. Happy Father’s Day. My dad is a retired Marine. His time is well spent at The Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego CA. He is a docent at the Museum. He volunteers every week and gives guided tours. I suspect his favorite room is the Korea Room. I don’t actually know if it is called the Korea Room, but that is what I call it. After a little searching ……..copy and paste

Photo by Sgt Cristina N. Porras

Retired Marine 1stSgt Arthur G. “Artie” Barbosa, who earned the Navy Cross during the Korean War, volunteers his time as an MCRD San Diego Museum Historical Society docent helping instill the “Spirit of Semper Fidelis” in new MCRD San Diego recruits.

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I think my dad would approve. I know it looks lazy, but I think he will like this. In 2011 The USMC  Museum Historical Society held a fund raiser . The photo, the one where my dad is standing in front of a photo, that is “The Photo” my favorite one of him since I was a kid. He is the Marine on the left,  a little cut and paste…

Navy Cross

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Awarded for actions during the Korean WarThe President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Sergeant Arthur G. Barbosa (MCSN: 660069), United States Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving as a Machine-Gun Squad Leader of Company E, Second Battalion, Fifth Marines, FIRST Marine Division (Reinforced), in action against enemy aggressor forces in the Republic of Korea on 15 April 1952. When his platoon’s outpost was subjected to a night attack by a numerically superior enemy force employing a heavy barrage of artillery fire, Sergeant Barbosa skillfully maneuvered his squad under heavy machine-gun and rifle fire to more favorable positions and effectively directed his men in pinning down hostile gun positions, permitting the remainder of his platoon to reorganize and form a tighter perimeter. As the enemy attack gained momentum, inflicting casualties upon all of his men except one, he quickly manned his machine gun and placed it at a vantage point to cover both sides of the opposition’s route of attack. Braving withering hostile fire, he expertly deployed his weapon and vigorously engaged the enemy at extremely close range, personally repelling three assaults on his sector, killing an estimated twelve of the enemy and wounding numerous others. Unyielding in the face of heavy odds, he constantly shouted words of encouragement to his fellow Marines and directed the evacuation of his wounded comrades. Painfully wounded during the fierce battle, Sergeant Barbosa, by his aggressive fighting spirit, exceptional courage and marked fortitude, served to inspire all who observed him and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

General Orders: Authority: Board of Awards: Serial 320 (April 29, 1953)
Action Date: 5-Apr-52
Service: Marine Corps
Rank: Sergeant
Company: Company E
Battalion: 2d Battalion
Regiment: 5th Marines
Division: 1st Marine Division (Rein.)

  So….I don’t think my dad would say so but he is a war hero. He is proud to say he is a Marine. So anyway, the year 2011…Globe & Anchor Salute…A Salute to Marines of “The Forgotten War” I watched a reenactment of this famous battle while sitting safe and sound next to my dad. A reenactment of my favorite photo…of a war hero….of my dad….my dad who thought the language used in the reenactment was unrealistic, way too tame.  This year Sisu Beads made a donation to the Globe & Anchor Salute. I delivered our display and our gift certificate to the Marketing Director, Lisa  Russell. What actually happened was I met a group of women, Lisa, Kat, Heather and Kelly who devote their time and energy into preserving our military history and devote their love and admiration to the Marine Core. They love my dad too.


  1. A wonderful tribute to your father.

  2. I must say this was a wonderful way to honor your dad. I have loved your dad since I first met him in 2003. I live for Wednesdays when the docents come in and Arties first words…”Cawfey” jez I need cawfey” He and Billy Westmoreland used to arrive before I would arrive at 0730 and they would proceed to give me hell for not being there before them! Good 1st Sgts! All of my love goes out to your pops!

    • Thank you Sgt Kat,
      Thank you and everyone on every Wednesday who helps make my dad complete. I think it is what makes him the happiest. I wonder if the “cawfey” has anything to do with it. My heart goes out to Westmoreland and his family, it was hard on my dad too as it was and is for everyone. Thank you for reading my post. My dad did like it, as I hoped he would.

    • Thank you for sharing all of those amazing photos with me the other day. We will have to plan a Sat. to meet up. Thank you for being such a big part of what makes my dad so happy.

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