Posted by: sisubeads | June 18, 2013

Sometimes a car ride isn’t going to the beach.

photo (9)I felt so bad this morning when I put Fiona and Lapsi’s collars on. It always makes them so happy because they get to go have some fun. “One of you is going to have a great day… of you is going to have an OK day”. Needless to say the excitement was there in the car…then they got it. As soon as we parked in the vet’s parking lot they knew. I brought both girls to Fiona’s scheduled surgery, it was hard dropping her off. We go to Windan Sea Veterinary Hospital in La Jolla. Most of the staff has known Fiona and Lapsi since they were babies. Most have known Fiona longer than I have. That made it so much easier to leave her. Jean and Dena are our Doctors and they are amazing. I cannot thank them enough. They actually just called about 20 minutes ago to tell me that Fiona did great and she is recovering beautifully. We just need to send her lumps out to get tested. Yay!! Lapsi is sleeping right now, pretty much at my feet. We went straight to Fiesta Island after dropping Fiona off so that we could get some of our nervous energy out. We got a lot out! We both ran today, usually it’s just her, it felt great. We saw a lot of friends who wished Fiona a speedy recovery. Lapsi had a great day and Fiona had an OK day.


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