Posted by: sisubeads | June 22, 2013

What a relief!


Thank you thank you Dina and Jean at I cannot thank you enough for your entire staff’s kindness and concern. Yesterday I got a phone call to inform me that Fiona’s cancer was…..OK here is what I really appreciate. I was told she had a mass cell something that had to be removed and the entire thing was explained to me. When you are under a lot of stress and your are sad and scared it really helped to have it explained like this…(and not like I was an idiot, but like I was overwhelmed) So we need to remove the cancer. Once it is determined just how aggressive we will make the next decision. There is a level 1, level 2, and level 3. Lets just keep our fingers crossed and light a candle for level 1. That is our very best case scenario. Then we are done. We operate, remove the cancer, make sure the surrounding tissue is free and clear and she is good to go. Level 2 is a little trickier and we will need to discuss further options and treatments. Level 3, lets just see where the test puts us. That I could wrap my exhausted brain around. I have been taking care of Fiona and honestly did not want to even think about any test results or even when to return to take her stitches out. So then I get the phone call and get the great news that Fiona is free and clear! Just keep her comfortable and happy and start sending those prayers to the other “Fiona” There is another Fiona who was in heat a little while ago and we have been on high puppy pregnancy alert. Jean is sniffing around for a new puppy, candles have been lit, prayers shifted and fingers crossed. I owe her at least that much!


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