Posted by: sisubeads | June 23, 2013




Yesterday was a great day. I received an order for Sisu Beads This one is another very special one, a sister to one woman and an aunt to another. Every order becomes such a big part of me, I am very touched by every story and fall in love with all of the families. I will share more if I get permission. Shortly after checking the mail and reading the letters I met with a couple who came to the studio to pick up their Sisu Beads. Andrew and Laura. they ordered Sisu Beads to memorialize their young pup Diego. Andrew’s family is from Finland so the stars lined up to point him to us when he was looking for a way to honor Diego. Every Finn knows what Sisu is.  “Sisu” is a Finnish word embodying a strong will and determination that will prevail through any challenge. We were the perfect fit. After a great meeting, they were very happy with their beads, and I gave Andrew an iittala candle holder, because it is Finnish and because he has been lighting a candle for Diego.  Already feeling great after the order and the meeting, I then took Lapsi (child in Finnish) to Fiesta Island dog park. Since Fiona is still in her surgery cone, Lapsi has been a little stir crazy. For me this has been a great day, I got to recharge my batteries with my sweet Lapsi and I always love getting to connect with amazing people through Sisu Beads.


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