Posted by: sisubeads | June 25, 2013

Jackie: a friend to all

I wanted to share this……I cannot say I knew Jackie but I know the San Diego Velodrome. I was a part of that family for many years. This incredible woman who I have never met hit very close to my heart and clearly to many many others who loved her dearly. Sisu Beads was born on the velodrome. Michelle Bono was a track racer, as were me and Julie. Our story is here at I have not been on the track for any extended amount of time since 2009. Although any crash, injury still reaches my ears and it always hurts. So as you can imagine, hearing about Jackie and seeing the news…with all of those people that I know , and many who I don’t know, who are torn up and confused, sad, just…just like how we felt about Michelle. We are all a family at the San Diego Velodrome, some of us a little more dysfunctional than others and some of us who come and go….just…we are all family, even if we’ve never met. There is a bond, a bond of bikes, achievements, desire, adrenaline, helping each other and learning from each other…..I am just another cyclist who wants to say she cares and I’m sorry and as silly as it sounds, I love her too.


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