Posted by: sisubeads | July 17, 2013

Marcel the Monkey

988634_389520651150052_1897900825_n[1]I just received the best message on Facebook.  I will copy and paste……

Words can not express how I feel tonight as I received the most special gift- a handmade silver ring made by Gina at Sisu Beads! They carefully and with the upmost love create a piece of memorial jewelry with ash that you send from your loved one who you have lost. It was carefully and beautifully packaged and mailed as if it was for their own family. My mom and I both got one and opened the box, …read her sweet card, and cried together as we once again had something to forever have to hold Joyce close to our hearts. We will never be able to bring her back but as Gina says in her card I hope,”the ring will bring comfort to my heart, a smile to my face, and a sense that IT’S ALL GOOD”! Live as if everyday could be your last…love you “girlfriend”. Xoxoxo
With love, Danielle H. And Susan D.
I should post the letters that came in the mail with the order. These wonderful ladies ordered two Sisu Beads rings as a tribute to an amazing woman named Joyce.  I received the order on the day I had just written about in the recharging my batteries post. I think that’s what I called it. Anyway, I was so touched and felt so much love for this woman who loved everyone, who always had a smile, who was a friend to all, knew no strangers and who was loved deeply by her family. So I made the rings, and as always made them with love. I always write a thank you note. This time I had a tough time putting into words what I wanted this family to know. I wanted them to know that as strange as it seems, I love Joyce too, how could you not?? I wanted them to know that I loved the details of what they loved about her. There is a monkey named Marcel, there is the fact that Joyce’s favorite color is green and that she and her sister talked every day, and how she was like a second mom to Danielle….how could I write this down without rambling and purging words and emotion…I called, that’s how. I called and left a quick message. I needed to write out these cards and I must use green ink. I got the  return phone call while I was at the store buying a pen with green ink. I was released! I got to tell Susan how much I cared and I got to do it on Danielle’s birthday. Now I can send my rings to them, to the two ladies who are now like family to me. I couldn’t be happier to know that they love their rings. Thank you thank you thank you.

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