Posted by: sisubeads | July 17, 2013

My puppy

IMG_71871017360_635276749834004_862045734_n[1]IMG_3680So…..I have two days before my puppy baby shower, and seven days until I am supposed to get on a plane to go get my puppy. This morning I cancelled my puppy shower and my tickets. I am drained and sad. I am broken hearted and feel so much sorrow for my poor breeder who’s precious freshly born only seven weeks and one day old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies have been stricken by Parvo. Sooo after talking to my Vet, (who I adore!) and talking with another breeder (Lapsi’s breeder and Ridgeback extraordinaire Barbara Rupbert) I know that the breeder of my now sick puppy is in for a world of chaos and heartache. She has taken every possible measure to keep these pups safe and is devoting all of her time to now keeping these pups alive. Now it is a waiting game. So I kissed my girls, snuggled with them and then took them to the beach. I love my girls, and I love this little puppy who we have name Kimi, after Kimi Raikkonen the Finnish Formula 1 race car driver. I have fantasized about having to wake up in the middle of the night to take him out for a pee, walking 3 at a time, I have looked into puppy classes, bought a crate and a toy….well even planned a puppy shower. I might not get to meet him. So I took my girls to the beach.


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