Posted by: sisubeads | July 17, 2013

Puppy update

1012627_646673272027685_275924493_n[1] 580276_625864504108562_359103568_n[1]The beach was calming last night, I loved watching my girls run with their friends. I still want Kimi. I woke up this morning and checked my email, one of the littlest liver nose boys passed last night. He is the one under the blanket. He died in the arms of a little girl who has been working day and night to help keep these little ones alive. He was her favorite. On the good side, seven puppies had solid poops last night and ate a full meal, plus what their mom puked up for them. (she’s not sick) (from Parvo) just thinking about what if humans did that. gross. And they drank copious amount of water. There are four that are still “off” and may still have a fighting chance. They are continuing with pedialyte  and colloidal silver on both ends, injectable antibiotics and subQ fluids. That is actually really good news. I am hopeful.


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