Posted by: sisubeads | July 24, 2013

sorry little one.





I am at a loss. I don’t know what to write. I am sad but I understand that Nature took it course. Even though a huge fight was put to Her, She won. Nature seems to have a way of doing that. I also think of all of my family, my Sisu Beads family. some of the stories above and some on this blog. I never actually met my puppy….so yes I cried and felt a huge loss, sorrow but…..not to lessen what I felt, or the value of that precious little puppy’s life or the struggles and heartache to keep him alive, but I have learned a lot from my Sisu Beads family. One grief is not any more valid than any other but……I have had exposure to some that humble me. I have cried harder from some of the letters I have received. I respect Nature, I accept what happened and know from my Sisu Beads family that there are bigger heartaches. Questions that cannot be answered by Nature won, or Nature took Her course.  I respect all of you and all of your heartaches and grief. I wish you all health, happiness and love. Now go enjoy the other side of Nature, She is quite beautiful.

Hold Honor Love



  1. How terribly sad. Such hope and promise and joy all dashed away. You have a great perspective about it though – we all have a duty to cherish what we do have when we realize what we have lost.

    • Thank you, this little guy did have seven brothers and one sister who managed to fight through the Parvo. So I may be able to have a new little one around. At first I did not feel like it, but now….I really love all of your posts on Eko. I mentioned him in a post or two ago. These past few years have been pretty eye opening, I have had a lot of beautiful, sad and healing stories shared with me through creating I think that really helped me with this puppy’s passing. Thank you again for your kind words.

    • It’s the 7-20-13 puppy update

  2. So sorry to hear this.

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