Posted by: sisubeads | July 29, 2013

Nature cycletherapy with Dr. Pam

photo (14)photo (12)

photo (15)

photo (16)

photo (19)

I had mentioned that Nature can be thoughtless to my personal opinions and my party planning. I had also mentioned that She is quite beautiful. She is also therapeutic, so is cycling and so is Dr. Pam. We just had our annual birthday ride in the Lagunas. We, when I say we I mean Pam, we rode around fully knowing where we were and scoping out the damage that the fires had done. (I never know where we are)  We were out enjoying life and nature and eventually wine, chips, salsa and sami’s. Then Pam handed over to me “our” birthday card. We found the perfect card and actually gave each other  the same card (we don’t share the same birthday, or even birthday month) So now we just change the to: and from: on the envelope and keep writing in the same card and exchange it twice a year. Anyway to the point already…if you need some recharging, or something epic in your day go out in Nature, best done on a bike. And better yet, if you have one, with your Sisu Bead. Pam and I had ours.



  1. Aww… Those pictures are beautiful. I can’t wait until Kimi is old enough so we can all go there.

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