Posted by: sisubeads | August 21, 2013

And from across the playground……

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And from across the playground our eyes met…..that was way back in kindergarten. We were drawn to each other and found a friendship that has lasted over 20 years. OK almost 40 years. We were 5 when we met. It is hard for my mind to go from kindergarten to now. The 20 years was a sorry attempt to hang on to youth! So Alyssa has been more like a sister, although she already has five of those. Growing up her house was the cool house. Everyone wanted to be there after school. Maybe because there were so many good looking blondes in that household. Mom included. Which brings me to my story. I have the same kind of relationship with my mom as Alyssa had with hers. Two peas in a pod. LOVE, admiration, humor, respect….lucky really to have your best friend be your mom. I saw Alyssa go through her mom’s illness. I saw her health decline. I saw a daughter make sure her mom lived every last day with LOVE, admiration, humor and respect. I walked up to the doorstep to leave some flowers. I meant to sneak away. The time was here, it was private, it was family…I meant to sneak away. I was caught at the door and lovingly invited in. “Mom would want to you be here” I love this family. How brave to share. I am afraid to write my perspective. I cannot imagine the pain they were in. Yet what I saw was a beautifully decorated room, incense, tributes to heritage, a loving family and the most beautiful woman in the center of it all surrounded by love…prepared for her voyage.

Alyssa, I know you talk to your mom all the time. I know she is madly in love with your daughters and now your daughters children. (boys!) I know the bond you two share. I have always admired you, especially your strength, and the fact that you have undying determination and courage.  You my dear friend have Sisu. From a Finn that is quite a compliment.  I want you to know that I was truly honored to have made a Sisu Bead for you. I love that you sent me the photo of your grandbaby grasping on the your Sisu Bead necklace. I love that he fixates on it. I love that you keep her physically close to you. I love that from across the playground our eyes met.


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