Posted by: sisubeads | September 6, 2013

Kimi’s Big Day


Yesterday Fiona, Lapsi and Kimi went to Windan Sea Veterinary Clinic in La Jolla CA.

Fiona and Lapsi were along for the ride, but Fiona still looked a little stressed.



.photo (12)


Kimi took it all in stride and checked the area out

photo (11)





Lapsi was not in the mood. She did not want her picture taken.


Kimi did great. He loves the entire staff at Windan Sea. He saw Dr. Dina Raichel and Brianna. He seemed to take a special liking to Brianna.


Razor sharp puppy teeth….A-OK


photo (13)


Big floppy puppy ears….

photo (17)



Turn your head and cough


photo (16)


and…………… take a deep breath


photo (15)

All in all it was a good day….. he is a long way away from when he had Parvo. It is good to be a healthy pup.

photo (14)

Just look at that face!


Kimi was a good boy today. Thank you to the staff at Windan Sea.


Again, apologies for reporting on my little love on my blog devoted to Sisu Beads. But it is this kind of love that is a huge reason Sisu Beads exists!




  1. Glad to hear he has a clean bill of health! Also glad someone else thinks puppy teeth are insanely sharp, I swear they are like razor wire.

    • I’m just glad he is not deaf. I was beginning to wonder. He doesn’t even bat an eye when I call him.

  2. Aww… he is so cute!

  3. Nothing wrong with sharing a little love!

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