Posted by: sisubeads | November 1, 2013

So I didn’t end up marrying my cat…

But, he still was my prince charming.  My Aunt gave me Smudge for my seventh birthday.  A gorgeous Russian Blue kitten with a royal aire about him.  It didn’t take much time to realize he was a super hero cat with amazing powers.   He had a “magic tail.”   Whenever me or one of my siblings had an owie, we  would rub his magic tail on it and it would feel better.   When I was sick, he would not leave my side.  I loved him so much,  I told my parents a few times that I was going to marry him.


Smudge was declawed in the front.  That was actually a good thing since he used me and my brother and sister for hunting practice.   He would lie in wait on the couch and attack when we passed.  His training led to hunting skills that could have kept the whole family alive.  It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say he brought us gifts every single day.  And to make it even more spectacular, we lived in the Arizona desert inhabited my many coyotes.  I don’t think any of the other neighborhood cats made it.   But he definitely had that presence that would make anything think twice about messing with him.   Once, a neighbor called to tell us a mountain lion was on our roof….  but , it turned out to be Smudge.

Lauren 6th grade olympics

He was the fourth kid.  He flew to New Jersey with us in the summer.  He went on car vacations with us.  The 14 years he was with us brought us from children to adults.   Over 20 years after his passing, he still gets brought up at every family reunion.  All the great Smudge stories.  We would clone him if we could, and everyone in my family would have a Smudge. My kids can tell you about him as if they met him.   Lauren has a  Sisu Bead classic necklace with a Smudge bead.   (He is the green one in the picture)  I feel like he is protecting her .  He will always be with us.



  1. All things coriedsned, this is a first class post

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