Posted by: sisubeads | November 14, 2013

Pet Cremation

Today was all about Pet Cremation. I wanted to go for a mountain bike ride with my dog.


I made a few visits today, and checked up on our displays,, showed off our newest addition to our product line.

IMG_0191[1] IMG_0211[1] IMG_0225[1]

I received an invitation to attend a Holiday Candlelight Vigil from San Diego Pet Memorial. They do some beautiful grief counseling.  That will be on December 7th 1:30-3:00. I also visited Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery. Love them there, Gerry and Natalie and the entire staff are wonderful people. I came across a blog post about SVCP. I will re-blog it if I get the OK, because he did such a great job.

I missed my pups today, I will play with them tomorrow. I just feel like sharing their pictures right now. The Pet Cremation places, although peaceful and one in particular that I swear I want to be cremated at, it’s tough. I am a little drained, it is good to know, first hand the love that goes into the aftercare. But right now I am in need of some puppy love.

IMG_8817 IMG_9219 IMG_9299


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