Posted by: sisubeads | November 22, 2013

Product Review: Sisu Beads and Memorial Keepsakes

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Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

Death is not a humorous topic, but this is our life right now:

Crabby and I aren’t getting any younger, or stronger for that matter, and our ground is beyond hard.   Maude will be 14 on November 15.  We have more than one reason to hope she lives forever, one of which is she’s a big girl.  Burying the kids that Heaven needed more has always been an act of love, however, with each one passing as the years go by, golly if the hole doesn’t get harder and harder to dig.

Crabby and I already discussed cremation as the option for when the need arises again, but somehow it seems to me to be a cop-out.  Blisters for the kids of the past, but convenience for the kids of the future?  Yup, I am already feeling guilty for something that hasn’t even occurred:  Not putting out the proper effort to lay my kids to…

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