Posted by: sisubeads | January 7, 2014

Beauty Contests

It was that time of year again. Fiona’s time to compete in her yearly dog show in Indio CA. I am new to all of this so apologies for any thing I say that might make someone mad! Like referring to the dog shows as beauty contests. It is because I do not know the proper wording, I do understand the importance of keeping the integrity of the breed. I do know that Fiona is a Pro, Kimi, our newest addition is not. This called for some expert training. So I called Deb Adams, expert handler, breeder extraordinaire, for a lesson for Kimi. We got lucky and Leah and Mai Lee joined the session.

See, Fiona is a Pro.


Kimi is not


We even had Leah and Rambo show us what to do






Enough said.

So we go to Indio for a rather large show of gorgeous Ridgebacks. Deb took Fiona and her lucky show lead from Dazi in the ring and nailed it!


Arifi’s Belle of the Ball took second place! (that’s Fiona to you and me)


photo (15)

Now it was Kimi’s turn!! I was so excited to be able to watch him in the ring. Fate had a different plan for us….. I just remember a few, like two or three minutes before Kimi was ready to go, Deb comes up to me and shoves bait in my front pocket and says “he won’t listen to me, you are going to have to take him in the ring” well…… I have never been in the ring before, I didn’t practice anything other than standing with Kimi and to be honest, that boy was in rare form that morning.


I was actually feeling sorry for Deb for having to take my little beast in the ring….now I was feeling sorry for myself! It took a few seconds to realize what a cool thing was about to happen for me and my little man. I was going to show my baby. Ready or not here we come. A few quick instructions from Deb, and a few more from Jean (our great friend, vet, giver of the lucky show lead and experienced dog handler) One last instruction was, you can always ask the judge for permission to be excused from the ring!

So there we were! He was amazing! He stacked himself, stood tall, showed of his teeth without biting the judge and moved like a champ!

photo (12)


photo (13)

photo (11)

So handsome!

It wore him out! Behaving is a tough job for a puppy.

photo (16)

It was a great day, Lapsi did not compete, she although show worthy, has been fixed. She was adored by everyone at Oakhurst Kennels where she came from. She will be competing next week in lure coursing, I will fill you in on that after it happens!


Happy New Year everyone!



  1. Woohoo, congrats to all of you! I love your babies -they were so great that day. Thanks for taking me with you guys. I had a great time.

    • Thank you! You made a great day even better.

  2. Awesome day all around!

    • Yes it was! Lure coursing this weekend! It turns out that Lapsi’s mom is a National Champion. Lets see if it is in her blood. I think she will either be amazing or just start chasing the other dogs and her play drive will beat out her prey drive!

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