Posted by: sisubeads | January 13, 2014

Race Ready! almost.

It was Lapsi’s turn this weekend. I took her to a Lure Coursing competition. it was a lot of fun. I figured she would be great at it, she runs like a banshee at the beach,



Could this Lure Coursing be much different?
In a word yes, first off Lapsi likes to go naked to the beach, not acceptable here.



That’s fine, she looks good in blue.
We show up without the race clothes, or the proper collar and with a million questions. Everyone there was so helpful and went above and beyond making things easy for us. Check them out here,

So many exciting things happened, Lapsi passed her first test, and got this.


Now….with borrowed supplies, she was “race ready”

There is a countdown of sorts, much like the beeps in track racing. Judge ready? Handlers ready? Talley-Ho. Or something pretty close to that. Then they are off!


Take note of the handsome male on the right.


Then there is some of this, and….


and some more of this…

Before we knew it Lapsi had ran her little heart out, made a bunch of new friends..


She won her category! Which was Open Rhodesian Ridgebacks, then she raced for Best of Breed and won that too! She was beat by a greyhound for best in field. But for a little girl who just loves to run at Fiesta Island Dog park, this was a very, very big day!

photo (17)IMG_1891

I really couldn’t imagine the weekend getting any better but it did. Remember that handsome male on the right? Go ahead scroll back up..

OK it’s this guy, he looked a little familiar to me and I just fell in love with him. The thoughtful eyes, the polka dot chest, the odd way Lapsi kept growling at him….


Then these two put a new twist on Lure Coursing.


Yup! Brother and sister. Dumah is Lapsi’s littermate! Both Oakhurst babies! SO exciting. No wonder I fell in love with that boy!

Congratulations to all of the amazingly fast dogs and incredibly nice people (an extra hug and kiss to Dumah) Take a look at Lure Coursing, it is such a treat to get to watch these dogs instincts take over. Lapsi, on her first run actually needed me to go run after the lure to give her a little jump start, that is all it took. After that first little push, every time she heard the motor and saw the lures she went ballistic, she even knocked me off of my feet. More than once. Actually flat on my face at one point. And it was all awesome!




  1. Nice work! Definitely earned a few treats! Side note: Love that leather collar – where did you pick it up?

    • We borrowed that collar, but I will find out. I think it is beautiful!! Lapsi might be getting one for her birthday.

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