Posted by: sisubeads | January 31, 2014


I have the privilege of making a custom memorial piece for this beautiful green-eyed boy named Anck.  I love this photo of him, it makes me want to grab his little belly.


It is so hard to loose our fuzzy loved ones, I cannot bring myself to… say pets, because honestly they are so much more. Anck’s name is a variation of the word Ankh. So it is fitting that a custom Ankh would be the chosen piece.


I am really enjoying the process, sometimes with certain pieces I get…a little…..overcome with a feeling….I know this sounds odd but I am just very happy and excited when I am working with Anck. I think it has everything to do with him and how he must have lived his life. So I just wanted to share Anck’s photo and share the steps in this custom memorial. I hope you enjoy the photos. James if you would like to share more about Anck, please do!



  1. Thank you so much for doing what you do for our family members. Anck loved to eat (of course it showed.) His favorite was everyone elses food which made him sick; greenies never did though. He loved Persian koobideh and Persian Chicken Kebab (Gorbeh gorosneh hast); after eating a piece (that was rinsed) he would make a loud “malub nub” sound. He loved to lick plastic and the way it felt on his tongue. He loved to place his head on a pillow for nap time and bed time; he had several pillows in each nap place. He slept just like his Dad’s. In the end he was riddled with daily diarrhea, vomiting, lipomas, arthritis, etc (one of his Dads is a physician.) We could not let the vet open him up to see “what may or may not be happening” since they could not see anything obvious. He hated leaving the house and cried like crazy. In the end he had treats, “malub nubbed”, licked plastic and then we took him in…

  2. malub nubbed, I would have loved to see that. I hope you love your piece, and that it is just what you were hoping for.

  3. I do love the piece it is perfect! I love the color it is the exact variations that his eyes would go through throughout the day. It did take me a coupe of days to open the box since I miss him so much and it pains me terrible to be reminded how much I loved him. He truly is not forgotten thanks to your bead!

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