Posted by: sisubeads | February 3, 2014

Kim and Mel

Every now and again I have a request from someone to come visit our Sisu Beads Studio. I love meeting our new family members face to face. Although we do not have a retail studio, I find it is always nice to know where you are entrusting a portion of your loved ones cremains. I love the view here, it is beautiful and relaxing.


I was lucky enough to have met a woman named Kim. She wanted to get a feel for what she wanted to have as a memorial to Mel. Mel is a beauty, oh my goodness, here take a look.


He had a wonderful long and happy life. Complete with a lot of friends.


So Kim and I looked through some sample beads I have made throughout the years.


Kim came up with her very own design.


Now it is my turn to get to work!



Kim is an artist, and a seamstress. I have just started teasing her about ruling the world. She has just started her own business. Please visit her Facebook page here is a link.

Here is her favorite model showing off his fancy collar.


I love these collars and cannot wait to get some for Fiona, Lapsi and Kimi.


It is no secret that I love what Julie and I are doing. I love having my Sisu Beads and I love creating a way for people to have a tangible way to honor their loved ones who have passed on. Hold Honor Love.

I love that we have a meaningful connection with each and every person that has one of our beads.

I also love that I get to meet people like Kim, who are so talented and inspiring. I wish her all the best with her new business venture. I love our growing Sisu Beads family and again just want to thank you all.


  1. During our meeting, you mentioned how some things feel guided. This is exactly how I feel about having found you guys. Thanks so much for taking such care with our project.

  2. Welcome to the family! I am so excited that we met. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long and powerful friendship.

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