Posted by: sisubeads | April 21, 2013


Bryce Big Nose2967_1076334433098_2560148_n[2]Bryce Beach 2006

Bryce rolling

Bryce Stretch



2967_1076334433098_2560148_n[2]So a few posts ago I had written that I had fallen in love with a Vizsla. I am not sure if I mentioned that I had never actually “met” this charming boy. But I fell for him…I posted some of his pictures on our Facebook page and I actually go back now and again just to look at him. So his name is Bryce and Rudi is his little buddy. It was an honor to make his Sisu Bead memorial bead for this boy. He looks an awful lot like my Ridgeback Lapsi. She is a livernose so she is very Vizsla looking. So I just felt like posting some of his photos….

So the second to last photo of the little girl peeking around the bushes is actually Lapsi. She has the Lucky Pet blue flower ID tag on. She totally looks like she should be hanging with Bryce and Rudi.


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